Mission Statement


Firebaugh High School will prepare students to participate in a diverse, technical and highly skilled society by providing a standards-driven curriculum for immediate and lifelong learning. We are committed to a learning environment where students are respected, secure and accountable.


Firebaugh High School will be a place where there is active collaboration among students, teachers, parents and community members. Standards based instruction will be utilized school wide to ensure student success. All staff is committed to providing an effective learning environment.

Expected School Wide Learning Results

Every student will:

  1. Effectively communicate (read, write, speak, and listen).
  2. Always demonstrate open-mindedness, social awareness, responsibility, and tolerance with respect to self, others, community and the world.
  3. Garner (attain) and effectively use critical thinking skills.
  4. Learn and demonstrate literacy and competency in technology and information-gathering.
  5. Exhibit self-directed abilities to set and accomplish goals, be self-motivated and self-disciplined.
  6. Succeed as a productive citizen, responsible for the economic, social and political future of Firebaugh, California and beyond.
Core Values and Beliefs

  Committing ourselves to these core values, we believe that we can affect positive student achievement.

1.     Provide a safe and secure school environment that promotes learning for all students.

2.     Maintain high expectations and varied learning opportunities that engage all students.

3.     Promote a school organization that adapts to the changing needs of students, community and economic demands.

4.     Be a staff who commits to collaborating as a Professional Learning Community and participates in meaningful, relevant professional development on a regular and ongoing basis.